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What is the difference between credit and debt?

September 6, 2017

DEBT is the term we use for something bad CREDIT is the term we use for something good.  They are in fact the same thing – DEBT brought you here and CREDIT will bring you back.  Let’s work on a plan that not only gets you out of debt but also teaches you how to successfully […]

How do I solve this problem, and get out of debt?

September 6, 2017

That is the first question that people always have; the second one is “how do I get credit again?”.  Think about that for a moment!!  What happened?  What changed?

Will I lose everything if I go bankrupt?

September 6, 2017

No!  You will not “lose everything” the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act is a business person’s Act – in other words it is written to benefit business both from the debtor and creditor perspective.  The legislation provides solutions to debt problems that are designed, as much as possible, to rehabilitate and not to punish the person or […]

My friend went bankrupt and he said!

September 6, 2017

Listen, your friend may have gone bankrupt but his situation is different than yours, and your friend might not be telling you the “whole story” – talk to Tom and find out how a bankruptcy or a proposal will affect you.

What happens to tax debt?

September 6, 2017

A lot of people believe that tax and other government debt gets special treatment, that is simply not true – government debt is dischargeable in insolvency proceedings (proposals and bankruptcies) just the same as other debts are.  There may things to consider such as “director’s liabilities” if you are the director of a bankrupt corporation, in […]

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