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Your Ultimate Solution to Debt Problems

Facing debt can be daunting, and it often feels like a burden too heavy to bear alone. But you’re not alone – we’re here to provide guidance, support, and practical solutions to your debt-related challenges. Whether it’s credit card debt, loans, or unexpected bills, we’ve got the expertise to help you regain control of your financial life.

Personalized Debt Solutions Tailored Just for You

Every individual’s debt situation is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we take the time to understand your financial circumstances, assess the type of debts you’re dealing with, and craft a strategy tailored to your needs.

Understanding Your Rights and Options

The world of finance and debt can be confusing. But understanding your rights is the first step towards resolution. Whether you’re dealing with statute barred debts or confronting aggressive collection agencies, we’re here to guide and educate you about your rights and how to choose the best debt solution.

Debt Repayment Negotiating, Proposing, and Filing on Your Behalf

Our experienced team is skilled at negotiating with creditors to find a resolution that benefits you. We can help you file a consumer proposal that reduces your debt significantly, allowing you to pay back just a fraction of what you owe, spread over affordable monthly payments. And if bankruptcy becomes the best route for your circumstances, we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you come out on the other side ready for a fresh start.

Forge Ahead, Stronger

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with solving your immediate debt problems. We aim to set you on a path where you can rebuild your financial health. With our advice and support, you can look forward to a brighter, debt-free future.

Flexible Debt Solution Options

We understand that in today’s world, flexibility is key. That’s why we offer consultations in a variety of formats. Whether you prefer an in-person meeting at our office, a phone call, or a Zoom session, we’re here to accommodate your preferences. And remember, our initial consultation is always free. This gives us the opportunity to understand your situation thoroughly and present you with the most effective solutions.

Take the First Step Today

Your journey to a debt-free life begins with a single step. Reach out to us, and let us be your guiding hand through the maze of debt solutions. Together, we’ll ensure you stand tall, debt-free, and ready to embrace a brighter financial future.

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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is a focused approach where we negotiate with your creditors to reduce the overall amount of debt owed. This method can significantly lessen your financial burden, creating a manageable pathway out of debt, and allowing you to rebuild your financial standing more rapidly and effectively.

Credit counseling

Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling from Locke Consulting empowers you with the insights and strategies needed to balance your budget, enhance your credit score and improve your financial well-being. We deliver expert guidance and practical solutions, enabling effective debt management and helping you realize your financial aspirations.

Person protecting assets from dominos representing bankruptcy


When you face overwhelming debt problems, bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start. We guide you throughout every stage of the bankruptcy process, ensuring clarity around your options, compliance with legal requisites, and safeguarding of your rights and interests.

Consumer proposal debt solution

Consumer Proposals

Consumer Proposals provide a great alternative to bankruptcy, allowing a renegotiation of debt repayment terms with all creditors. We use our expertise in developing and presenting viable proposals, steering negotiations, and assisting in compliance with your newly established repayment terms..

Division one proposal for small businesses as part of a debt solution

Division One Proposal

For those owing more than $250,000 (excluding the mortgages on their residence), a Division One Proposal offers a formal recourse. We guide you meticulously through every step, from preparation and submission to negotiation with creditors, ensuring a structured and legally sound repayment plan is in place.

Tom’s Top Tips

do not over-mortgage your house – the amount borrowed should be the amount mortgaged.

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