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We Help Solve Your Debt Problems

We are dedicated to helping people solve debt problems of all types.  The services we provide are customized to fit your situation.  We will help you to understand your rights, from what it means to have statute barred debts to dealing with collection agencies.  We can help negotiate settlements with creditors, file a proposal to creditors to reduce the face value of your debts to pennies on the dollar with affordable monthly payments, or with the filing of a bankruptcy.  In any case we will help you get a fresh start and build back better.  

We offer in office client meetings, respecting social distancing measures, as well as telephone and Zoom meetings.  Initial consultations are always free, and are used to help us screen your situation to provide you with good solutions to get you back on your feet.



Active Intervention

We can help you to deal with a collection agency, or law firm, acting for your creditors.  We will inform you of your rights and the rights of your creditors.  If you just need a letter, a phone call or an email to resolve a problem we can help.


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Debt Settlement

Debt Settlements can be a great way of eliminating older, statute barred, debts.  They can be used to help clean up your credit report and set you on the right path for success in your future endeavors.


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Creditor Proposal

Creditor Proposals bring all your creditors to the table to discuss alternative solutions for your debt repayment.  While everyone’s situation is different, most clients repay only a small percentage of their debt.


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Your last resort may be your best choice for hard to solve debt problems – bankruptcies have a lower cost than proposals and are usually finished much more quickly, find out if a bankruptcy is right for you.


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Tom’s Top Tips

do not over-mortgage your house – the amount borrowed should be the amount mortgaged.

How to Start?

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From our very first contact we will try to find the right solution for you and your family, we will follow through and help you every step of the way to financial health and a balanced budget.