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Active Intervention

Active intervention is a strategy where we call your creditors to help sort out payments or make other arrangements. 519-646-2222

Debt Settlement

Debt settlements usually rely on a lump sum payment, but sometimes can involve regular payments. 519-646-2222

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Consumer Proposal

A Consumer Proposal allows you reduce the face value of your debt, stop interest and make new payment arrangements.

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Bankruptcy is a great option for people facing debt problems. A bankruptcy can eliminate almost every kind of debt. 519-646-2222

What We Do

From the very first meeting we are working to find the right solution for you and your family, we will follow through and help you every step of the way to financial health and a balanced budget.

About Us

Locke Consulting Inc.

We are a full-service insolvency firm practicing throughout Southwestern Ontario, we mostly provide services to consumers and small businesses assisting them with challenging debt problems.


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Our Team

Get to know our team, we are dedicated professionals who strive to provide you with the best service we can.


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Debt Repayment

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Reduce Debt by 85%

Consumer Proposals are a great way to reduce the face value of your debt. It is possible to save 85% or more off the total amount of more

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Fix My Debt

Why fixmydebt? How did we get the url,, and what it means to us.

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Debt Trap – exaggerates inflation

Many Canadians are living in a debt trap, Candians of all ages and income levels are impacted by the enorrmity of consumer debt - we have a solution.

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