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Debt Roulette at El Casino del Banco – the house always wins:

January 25, 2023

Debt Roulette – that’s basically what you are playing when you head into the Casino del Banco, debt is often a gamble. Consumers are usually unaware of what they are getting themselves into, and like going to the casino, it may seem like fun at first but after the party is over that you notice the hangover effects.

Bankruptcy is Great!

January 17, 2023

Bankruptcy is great for providing protection from actions by creditors, eliminating debt and creating a fresh start.

How To File a Proposal – step by step

January 4, 2023

How to file a proposal – it’s probably much easier than you might expect. The process always starts with a free initial consultation.

Amazon – Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

December 30, 2022

Amazon is a very easy place to spend money, it contributes some jobs to the local economy, but little else, it also dehumanizes and commoditizes us all, taking away the pleasure of human contact when searching for the perfect gift, etc.

The Power of a Proposal

December 16, 2022

We can help you experience the power of a proposal to your creditors we help you every step of the way from the initial negotiations through to the final payment.