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Category: Something to Think About

The Great Reset – what does it mean for you?

November 20, 2020

The Great Reset has been getting a lot of media attention lately – formerly the thing of conspiracy theorists the idea of a globalist revision is now in the mainstream. Here are some thoughts and links to discussion points.

Local, Trusted and Fully Licensed

November 2, 2020

Southwestern Ontario’s local, trusted and fully licensed insolvency trustee.

Bankruptcy = Opportunity

October 1, 2020

It’s hard for many people to think in such terms but in fact filing a bankruptcy provides a great new opportunity.  Long before we had a bankruptcy regime few people had access to debt (credit) mostly the wealthy loaned money to other wealthy people.  There were few written contracts, most people couldn’t read and write […]

Understand the basics

September 30, 2020

We feel that it is important that you should understand the basics when you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy or a proposal.  Here are some basic terms to help you along.  People who owe money are called “debtors”, people who cannot pay their bills as the become due or who could not pay their […]

I don’t want to go bankrupt

August 7, 2020

We hear that from almost every person we meet – “I don’t want to go bankrupt”.  Let’s face it no one wants to go bankrupt it is not a part of anyone’s life plan: “I’ll get an education, get married, have kids, become involved in my community, buy a house, invest for retirement, go bankrupt” […]