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407 ETR Supreme Court Decision still pending

September 5, 2017

The decision from the appeal against the Ontario Appeals Court decision has not yet been released. it appears that the Supreme Court of Canada heard the case yesterday but have reserved their decision – so we anticipate hearing the final result in the foreseeable future.  Many bankrupts are waiting with baited breath in the hopes […]


September 5, 2017

Change your expectations and you can live with less stress! In Canada, since 1980, the ratio of debt to income has tripled from 60% to 164% of gross income.  The people who carry the most amount of debt are those who earn middle to high incomes (probably excluding the top 2%). Low income receivers (including […]


September 5, 2017

Home equity plans may seem like a good idea at first blush but they are loaded against you, and a lot of it is in the sales pitch and the language. Scotia Bank was one of the first Canadian Charter banks out of the gate with their Total Equity Plans, but other banks quickly followed […]

Bombardier – opportunity lost, but for whom:

September 5, 2017

Is it O.K. for taxpayers to continually bail out big business as two big too fail or should companies and government be looking towards other solutions? Small business owners have a much tougher time with regulation that larger companies do – whether it is access to grants and subsidies to help establish the business or […]

Famous Bankrupts

September 5, 2017

Put the debt behind you, and get on with life Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States P.T. Barnum – The Great American circus owner Kim Basinger – Oscar-winning actress (1993) Frank Baum – Wizard of Oz author Miguel de Cervantes – Novelist; Don Quixote Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”) – best-selling American […]

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