Famous Bankrupts

September 5, 2017

Put the debt behind you, and get on with life

Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States

P.T. Barnum – The Great American circus owner

Kim Basinger – Oscar-winning actress (1993)

Frank Baum Wizard of Oz author

Miguel de Cervantes – Novelist; Don Quixote

Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”) – best-selling American author/humorist (1894)

Francis Ford Coppola – Oscar-winning film writer/director/producer (1999)

Daniel Defoe – Author; Robinson Crusoe

Walt Disney – Oscar-winning film producer, animation & theme park pioneer (1923)

Henry Dunant – Red Cross founder

William C. Durant – Founder of General Motors

Henry Ford – Automobile manufacturer

William Fox – Co-Founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (1936)

Charles Goodyear – 19th century American inventor, who discovered how to vulcanize rubber

Ulysses S. Grant – 18th US President; Civil War general, best-selling American Author, face is pictured on the US fifty dollar bill (1884, after leaving office)

Johannes Gutenberg – Inventor of movable type

H.J. Heinz – Founder of Heinz Ketchup

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad author

Stan Lee – Comic book industry pioneer, co-creator “Spider Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “The X-Men” etc (2001)

William McKinley – 25th US President 1897-1901

Immanuel Nobel – father of manufacturer/philanthropist Alfred Nobel , who founded the Nobel Prize (twice – 1833/year Alfred was born, 1856/ when Alfred was 23)

Oskar Schindler– activist who saved over 1000 Jews from the Nazis

Nikola Tesla – Invented alternating current

Donald Trump – billionaire entrepreneur

Oscar Wilde – acclaimed poet and author

James Wilson – U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1789-1798