September 5, 2017


While we’re all focused on beating up on the weakest members of society, those who are marginalized by the loss of job, lack of education and absence of opportunity, we are slowly joining them.  Thirty or forty years ago we had far more jobs available than today.  Today unemployment is rampant and more people depend on credit than ever before.

Credit comes in many shapes and forms, from credit cards and loans to mortgages, leases and lots of other financing arrangements.  A friend from the lending industry recently commented that “credit is the world’s largest industry” – I hadn’t really thought about it quite like that before. But it is very true people who have access to credit live better than those who don’t – but why? It is precisely because incomes have diminished so much during the past 4-5 decades – and they are still going down – that credit bridges the gap between income and expense!

The guy depicted in this video can’t get a job and his chances are diminishing every year, he probably doesn’t qualify for social benefits because he is homeless and doesn’t have an address, and even if he did qualify the benefits would be a pittance, insufficient to meet the basic needs of human survival in this economy.

Stop helping each other, keep stereotyping, the government and large multinational corporations that are causing poverty, thank you for your efforts.