September 5, 2017

I ask this because a colleague called me today with an interesting observation – most of the local radio advertisements for bankruptcy trustees are being run by out-of-town trustee firms.

They may be fine trustees but as they spread themselves over more and more diverse markets they similarly spread their ability to service those local markets.  Files are administered in Toronto, Kitchener or Hamilton – if you have a question you have to call an “800” number. 

After the initial sign up you will probably find that your trustee is only in town once a week and booked with new sign ups.  They may only have time for you if you book weeks or months in advance.

So how effective is radio advertising?  I don’t know but it seems to me that firms advertising the most aggressively are the ones who are coming from further afield.  I don’t use the radio to advertise.  Most of my work comes from word of mouth from friends and neighbours and business people I know, like, and trust.

Keep it local:  Follow this link and type in your city and province to find a local trustee who can help you out…