September 5, 2017

Have you got a plan to get out of debt or do you simply accept debt as a way of life?

Attitudes towards debt have changed considerably in the past several decades.  Currently people not only find it acceptable to be in debt they also seem to find debt desirable.

Obviously lenders have done a fantastic job in repackaging the idea of debt and servitude and making it seem attractive.

Why would anyone want to be a slave to debt?  Do you enjoy working each day only to see more and more of your paycheque being used to pay interest and service fees in order to keep you financially indentured to a faceless institution?

Doesn’t sound quite as attractive buying a new $60,000.00 pick-up truck, financed at 3% interest, does it?  After all you’ll have the five year 100,000k warranty (which sadly will likely expire before five years is up).  In seven years when you make the final $793.00 payment the truck won’t be worth a lot more as you find yourself trading it in for another round of mid-term debt.

So how long will you be in debt?  Do you have a strategy to get out of debt?  Bankruptcies and proposals are great options for some people but not for everyone.  There are other ways of becoming debt free – mostly starting with a good budgeting plan.

When you are ready to change your life we are ready to help you!