Income disparity between men and women

September 5, 2017

Is there really a huge wage gap between men and women when the top 2% are removed from the data sample?

This is an interesting and intriguing question which is certainly not resolved by our brief survey of a limited population set. However, we did look at thirty (30) random, joint insolvency files and compared male and female incomes with the following results:

On average men in our sample had incomes of $1,870 per month while women had $1,561, “ah ha” you might say “that proves it!” But does it? Of our sample of thirty-six of the women identified as stay at home mothers with no income aside from child tax benefit – so we removed those couples and revisited the results.

After removing the data skew things changed dramatically and we found that on average men’s income dropped to $1,727 but women’s income rose to $1,710 a difference of less than 1%.

Our data is clearly not conclusive but it does suggest that the wage gap between men and women may not be nearly so big as so often touted in the media.  Stay tuned for a comparitive debt survey contrasting men and women.