September 5, 2017

This is not only true of fruits and vegetables but it is true of many services you may receive.

The trustee community is relatively small, especially when compared with many other professions.  In Canada there are slightly more than 1,000 licensed trustees and 225 trustee firms.  By Contrast there are about 78,000 Chartered Accountants and about 41,000 lawyers and 3,000 paralegals.

However, the numbers of clients serviced are very different.  Trustees do not get a lot of repeat business – partly because a relatively small percentage of people make second or third assignments or proposals and partly because people feel embarrassed to present at the same trustee’s office for a subsequent insolvency filing.

Accountants and lawyers on the other hand service their clients over many years and for various reasons, business start ups, personal taxes, wills, corporate taxes, home purchases, audits, marriage breakdowns and so on.

Reardless of which type of professional service you require it is almost always best to keep it local.  There are many reasons for that but accessibility and accountability come quickly to the top of the list.  If you live in London but you are dealing with a lawyer, accountant or trustee who resides in another community or services your file in another community you may have difficulty arranging convenient appointments or you may have to wait for long periods between visits. 

Dealing with a local professional makes it more likely that you can meet on shorter notice and you will have more time with the professional to review your concerns.  When you need help solving your debt issues keep it local work with a trustee in your own community.