September 5, 2017

It would be na•ve to suggest they might!

There is a huge difference between “money problems” and “debt problems” – we can help you with your debt problems and advise with money problems but they won’t just disappear!

Most of the money problems that people have are related to a lack of income.  Since the 1970s average Canadian family incomes have decreased by about 40% in spite of the fact that more families are supported by two income earners than 40 years ago.

Today we pay twice as much in, various, taxes than we did 40 years ago.  A lack of income is not a problem that will be solved by getting out of debt.  Getting out of debt may free up some of your income for other purposes but you will still need to exercise restraint and good budgeting practices.

We can help you get out of debt with either some form of proposal or a bankruptcy but once out of debt will you be in a rush to start over?