September 5, 2017

Are you giving consent?

Personally I never realized how much junk mail I actually get until people and companies actually started asking for permission to send me their emails.  Most come from people I do business with already or I use as referral sources for clients and others.

Initially I thought that I may offend someone if I did not sign up to permit them to continue to send me ad-mail.  But after some reflection I thought that most of it goes into my spam mailbox anyway and the emails that get through are seldom germane to what I am working on.

I value all of my business contacts and have no qualms about calling or emailing them directly to answer a question or refer a client.  So if I didn’t renew with you please don’t be offended – I still value your business connection and will continue to maintain our relationship.  I prefer face to face meetings anyway.

At Locke Consulting we do not use email to send newsletters we prefer to use blogs.  For more information on the new laws please follow this link.