September 5, 2017

We previously posted a blog listing the names of famous bankrupts – this time we are listing “not so famous bankrupts” (if the names listed sound like someone you know it is purely coincidence we just made it up).

Julie Wong – Waitress aged 29 – credit cards & student loans totaling $62,000- cause of insolvency: underemployment and high educational costs

Dr. Bob Splotnick – Physician aged 46 – lines of credit & credit cards totaling $840,000 – cause of insolvency: too much access to credit/debt received advice from his private banker

Margaret Evans – Pensioner aged 82 – credit cards totaling $35,000 – cause of insolvency: easy access to credit/debt from her regular bank

Joseph Conko – Bricklayer aged 43 – loans, income tax debt, credit cards totaling $85,000 – cause of insolvency: periods of unemployment & irregular income.

Amy Pinhero – Welfare recipient, single mother aged 33 – rent arrears, credit cards, utility bills totaling $11,000 – cause of insolvency: low income (poverty) marriage breakdown

Richard Heinzman – Welder aged 51 – car loan in default, mortgage and property tax arrears, credit cards, loans, lines of credit totaling $465,000 including the mortgage and car loan – cause of insolvency: plant closure, after 32 years, lack of employment.

Think about it, many people you know may have been bankrupt or may be considering it – each has their own reasons that reflect their own life’s circumstances. The one common thread is “having too much debt”.

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