September 5, 2017

Stop demanding “credit” (or what we in the profession commonly refer to as “DEBT”) and start demanding jobs and wages.

We all read, view or hear the news reports, a lack of good full time jobs, reduced wages, layoffs and so forth.  These are all signs that we should be getting away from debt that we can no longer afford to carry not getting further into debt.

Unfortunately more and more people are relying on debt (what they call “credit”) to meet their basic needs.  This has been a growing social problem – growing since the late seventies and really taking off since the early 1990s.

These days people no longer view debt as a means of bridging a financial gap but rather as a means of meeting the needs of their families.

Upon finding relief from the burden of debt by filing a proposal or bankruptcy many people immediately start to think about getting debt (“credit”) again. 

Perhaps, if we all changed our minds and refocused on financial accountability for ourselves, the finance industry and government we might finally see an end to this decades long recession we have been experiencing??