September 5, 2017

Getting out of debt is easy!

How can you break your reliance on debt to make ends meet?

An imperative is that you must live within your “means” – in other words “change your lifestyle expectations”.  Reduce eating out, fewer vacations, less impulsivity and monitor what you are spending your money on.

How much do you spend on coffee each week?  $1.70 per day is $621 per year.  How about lunches?  $10.00 per day works out to about $2,600 per year, excluding weekends.  How about a box of beer every weekend?  One 24 each weekend and you’ll be at $2,080 per year adding those few items otgether shows us that we could easily save $5,301 per year.

Keep in mind that that is after tax money so that equates to a pre-tax income of about $10,195 per year just to sustain those behaviours.