Telecom service challenges

September 5, 2017

Canadian Telecom giants are notorious for attrition or the practice of perpetual hold apparently to frustrate their clients

A series of recent calls to our Telecom service provider for technical support resulted in our staff being placed on hold for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, we were only able to speak with a representative for a few seconds during each call (some of which lasted for almost an hour). While on hold, we were frustrated by being subjected to a repeating voice message touting the virtues of a service that Bell had simply been unable to provide since installing services.

Such treatment is neither uncommon nor should it be acceptable to the service provider’s clients. Since this modus operandi appears to be normal with telecoms and other service providers one must wonder “why is this practice normal?” and perhaps even more over “why is this practice acceptable?”. It is as if Canadians have nothing better to do with their time than wait.

Clearly this not a good business model and seems to work best for companies that either have a monopoly or that have some other guarantee that the client will not go somewhere else for some other reason. The treatment appears to be reserved for existing customers and the service provided to new prospects is far more prompt.

Sadly, the same kind of treatment is slowly creeping into other professions and service sectors. Keeping it local is not always a guarantee of better of service but the likelihood of improved service increases substantially when you can attend, in person, at a service provider’s office. It’s not about intimidation it is about accountability.

Frustrating clients into accepting poor or overpriced services by the use of attrition should not be considered acceptable behaviour by any business.