September 5, 2017

There can be problems for consumers when dealing with virtual offices.

Now don’t get me wrong our firm also has satellite offices and we believe that we do a pretty good job servicing them but there is still a lack of immediacy relative to our main office.

What follows the excitement of the initial courtship and the honeymoon phase of a bankruptcy filing in a satellite office can be a closed door and “please call 1-800-BANKRUPTCY” to get all of your questions answered.

The advantage of using a local firm is manifold for instance you can usually walk in and talk to someone, you may know some of the staff from other community activities it is easy to drop off and pick up information, etc.  And you have the comfort of being able to have face to face communication instead of dealing with a call centre type of operation.

Having said all of that some people prefer the anonymity of dealing with a faceless voice.

To find a local trustee in your community just click on the link below and type in your city and province and see which firms come up.