September 5, 2017

In today’s economy a “unicorn” is someone who is debt free – like real unicorns they are very rare indeed.

Lack of employment opportunities, lower incomes, higher taxes, more expensive cost of living – we hear it all the time.

Canadians are broke!

By the same token people are fed up with being broke, they are willing to take risks in order to feel good about themselves – to buy a bigger house, a newer car or to take a vacation.  In some cases they’ll take risks just to buy food and clothing.  But do most people realize the risks they are taking when they are using debt to pay for necessities?

The costs of using credit are very high, spending tomorrow’s income today and paying with interest and user fees.  Fewer and fewer people are living debt free – they are like unicorns, mythical beings.

Unicorns are not only unique and scarce but they are happy creatures.  Be a unicorn, be debt free – we can help.