Save Money on Groceries

November 2, 2017

I was shopping for a charitable BBQ event about two summers ago, I had my cart filled with buns, sausages, hamburgers, condiments, drinks and so on. When I got to the checkout there was a young woman in front of me pulling out coupons and flashing an app on her phone. Made a comment to her about how I tell people to use clip and save coupons yet here I am without any. She kind of smirked at me as if it were a new pick up line I was trying out.

I proceeded to put my stuff on the conveyor belt for check out as the woman bagged her groceries. About half way through she told me “you could save $50.00 on that lot” – I said “how?” and she explained she had a price matching app on her phone that showed other stores had better prices and this store would match those prices. The clerk confirmed that they would but objected he would have to scan everything again, twice, I assured him I had the time and waited while I saved fifty bucks.

There are all kinds of savings at grocery stores that we often miss. Two for one sales are a great example – you don’t always have to buy to get savings. And remember, these sales aren’t just random events. The ice cream delivers to your local grocery store on a regular basis – let’s say every three weeks – so guess what? Ice cream goes on sale every three weeks to clear out the old stock. Start paying attention to the timing of sales and you may find that you can save significant amounts of money.