How to get rich in a hurry

January 25, 2018

It’s true, no one ever got rich by paying interest, in fact, no one ever got rich by working hard either. Seems that the easiest way to get rich is to be born into money, next is to find some form of exploitation such as charging people large amounts of money for a service or product that costs little or nothing to produce.

It’s hard to think of a better example than the water bottling industry. They bottle water that has already been collected and purified by the municipality and resell it for millions of times its original value. The fascinating part of that story is that the people buying plastic bottles of water usually have the very same product delivered to them, at no immediate cost, at the place they are drinking it.

What can you do, in a practical way, to become rich?

Well unless you have some great talent you can exploit, such as art, music or sports skills you might marry into money, but it will be hard to compete against prospective partners who are already rotating the social circles you wish to enter.

You could sharpen up your investment knowledge and make a fortune on the stock market, but that also carries with it an element of luck. Be assured though that once you are on a roll with a variety of income sources it becomes easier to grow your fortune.

Of course, there’s always lottery tickets – but don’t be fooled the odds are about 15,000,000 to 1 that you will win and those odds are the same on every single ticket you buy. If you buy 15,000,000 tickets you will surely win but you run the risk that one or two other people will also win and split the prize. If you’re going to take this approach only buy one ticket.

If you have an occupation such as laying bricks you can increase your income by working harder and faster but you will cap out at some point. That fact slams us back headlong into the second sentence of this blog. Now that’s not to say that a bricklayer couldn’t get rich from his craft but his wealth is not going to come from working hard, he can only lay so many bricks each hour and work so many hours each day.

O.K so there is no easy way for you to get rich in a hurry, but you can start saving money right now by eliminating debt and dumping interest payments. Stop wasting your money and start saving.