Mortgage funds are available

June 7, 2018

Yes, mortgage funds are available for people of most income levels. The interest rates and terms may be different for people with lower or less stable incomes, such as self-employed people, but mortgage funds are available from different lenders.

We have been advised by lending industry representatives that there are new challenges facing people who have completed bankruptcies and who are self employed. These challenges may make it difficult to obtain renewals on existing mortgages from top tier lenders. Nonetheless, the good news is that mortgage funds are available even for the most financially home owners.

This whole proposition should make people reconsider why they are seeking refinancing in the first and hopefully shift priorities away from leveraging assets to paying down debt. Mortgages are very useful financial tools and can be used for a variety of purposes paying down higher interest debt is not a bad use of mortgage funds unless the borrower goes right back into debt.