Borrowed debt relief

July 6, 2018

Get out of debt today with a new loan! Does that statement make any sense to you? How can you possibly borrow your way out of debt? There is no such thing as borrowed debt relief, it is simply a case of moving the debt from one pocket and putting it in another.

The only way to become debt free is to get completely out of debt and, ideally, not get back into it. Shuffling debt around simply doesn’t work to eliminate it. If you are thinking about a consolidation loan, of any kind, think again and consider if you are doing it simply to create an opportunity to get further into debt – such as would happen by freeing up credit cards through a consolidation loan.

Sooner or later you will pay the price, in some way, for being in debt. Usually that price is much higher than the cost of the goods or services acquired on credit.