October 15, 2018

How frustrating is Facebook.com?  It is your source for whatever you want, you can find supportive views and you can find negative oppositional political (particularly) rhetoric all over Facebook.com.

What’s your poison?  If you are a little leftish leaning you can find like minds, if you lean to the right you can also find like minds, you can be attacked and threatened.  You can be devalued and made to feel empty, you can bully and be bullied, or you can just cruise along posting pictures of yourself and your grandchildren.

Is Facebook.com “social-media” or “antisocial-media”?   One might suppose that all depends on how you use it.  In the not too distant past we used to tell tall stories at the local pub, we would argue politics over a pint of beer then go out to cheer for our favourite sports team.

Facebook.com and other so social-media outlets have changed the game dramatically.  Now you will be called upon to cite references for every view, belief or idea you express.  That never happened at the pub, you never were required to drag along the Encyclopedia Britannica to back up every tall story, yarn or socio-politico-religious view you might have.

Yet, so many of us still go back to the fake news toilet to glean sustenance in support of our twisted conspiracy fantasies, even the main stream media plays through Facebook.com with news threads to exploit your support.  It’s important to remember that most of the memes posted although funny, entertaining and, if only they were accurate, bringing clarity to long held conspiracy theories, are in fact not true.

Social media, especially Facebook.com, sucks us all in one way or another, you can find whatever you are looking for on just about any topic you can imagine.  But be careful of what you give away in return.  While you are gleefully adding personal information about yourself, your friends and family be mindful that every key stroke is being analyzed and will continue to be re-evaluated and utilized for everything from psychoanalysis to polling and marketing your next set of underwear.

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