Debt Freedom Plan

December 13, 2018

What is a Debt Freedom Plan:

A debt freedom plan is exactly what it sounds like, a plan to help you get, and remain debt free.  Get out from under the burden of debt and all that it entails, money worries, family problems, self-esteem problems, depression and stress.

Freedom vs. Responsibility:

Being free from debt doesn’t mean that you will never have debt again, being free from debt means that you have control and the ability to chose how and when you will use debt.  You may choose to take on certain kinds of debt in manageable amounts, and you will be responsible for properly managing that debt.  If you are currently overwhelmed with debt we will help you resolve that issue and show you how to live free from the worry of excessive debt.

Assessment – Consultation:

Our first step to helping you develop your individualized debt freedom plan is to meet for a free, no obligation, consultation.  That will allow us to assess your situation and to present options that will allow you to resolve your debt problems.  We will review your ability to make some form of repayment plan to your creditors, discuss strategies for resolving pressing debt problems such as court hearings and powers of sale and provide a tactical solution.

Application Process:

For us to help you solve your debt problems we will need information about what you own, who your creditors are, what your income is as well as other discrete personal details.  We are committed to helping you accurately complete the application to make the process easier for you and for us.

Implementation Stage:

We respect your decision about how you would like to proceed, from credit counselling to debt settlement, proposal or bankruptcy and we help each step of the way.  As we implement your debt freedom plan we will be there to discuss and ensure you understand everything that is happening.  We will inform you when your settlement offer, proposal or bankruptcy has been accepted by your creditors.  We will advise you of scheduled appointments and remind you of your responsibilities.

Counselling Sessions:

We take counselling very seriously and provide you with good information about budgeting, saving money, developing good money management habits as well as how to rebuild your credit rating and manage future debt more effectively.


After we have got you back on your feet, remember we are still here to advise you or to help friends and family members find solutions for their debt problems.