The Great Reset – what does it mean for you?

November 20, 2020

Mental musing – to give you something to think about.

The world has been teetering on the edge of financial collapse for decades.  Debt has been growing at unsustainable rates both government and national debt.  Each year the news media is filled with speculation about the USA national debt, currently about $27 trillion.  Consumer debt in the USA is about $13 trillion.  By contrast Canadian consumers now owe about $2 trillion – given that our population is about 10th that of the USA that’s equal to $20 trillion, far more than the average American consumer.

Economists have generated all kinds of models to keep things ticking along, the way that debt has been extended has changed and evolved many times over the last half century or more.  Fractional Reserve banking has allowed bankers to lend more money than exists in the system – just look at the debt levels above, in the first paragraph, and consider that all of the currency in circulation in the world only adds up to about $7 trillion.  A colleague in the insolvency industry published a very thoughtful blog on the notion of an economic reset back in May of this year.

The old adage “there’s one set of rules for them and another for us” is absolutely true.  Since the (extremely) wealthy control both the economy and politicians through their financial influence, all the rules apply more favourably to the wealthy and less favourably to the poor (including the so called middle-class).  Even the great reset will not reduce the wealth of the rich but it will reduce the income of the middle class and elevate those living in extreme poverty to an income equal to about $1.25 per day (according to the UN Agenda 2030).

So, what exactly will the great reset look like?  That truly remains a bit of an enigma, Trudeau has, to his credit been quite open about his globalist agenda since he first ran as leader of the Liberal party. Yet, he may have seemed to be talking in a code that most were unable to decipher, largely because of the audatiousness of change required to make the agenda become a reality. Meanwhile, the media distracted us with talk of his flashy socks, wavy hair and charisma along with exaggerated stories of the “evil Orange Man”.  Opportunity for change finally presented itself for Trudeau to push his social credit agenda forward, as a precursor to economic reform, in form of the 2020 pandemic

At this point, although alluded to and denied in the media, the PM has spoken to the UN about “the great reset”. So, absent more details of what this will entail, we can only speculate what further, dramatic, social and economic changes will transpire. In 2015 Justin Trudeau spoke about his admiration for China’s basic dictatorship which the media referred to as a gaffe.  He also said that Canada would become the World’s first Post National State, a position that was heralded by other globalists such as former president Obama. 

The warning signs of a reset were always there, but the complexity of such a scheme and likelihood of a disapproving opposition, created a dismissive atmosphere.  It is easy to agree with the idea of a reset, after all consumers are carrying oppressive levels of debt, but not it’s not so easy to agree with the methodology. However, the extreme, and apparently exaggerated, response to last year’s flu season and the emergence of a new cold virus provided the needed opportunity for unquestioned “population control” measures to be implemented and unfettered government spending to drive the economy over the precipice to a place of no return.   Continued lockdowns appear to be the key to controlling the outcome – so we can expect them to continue until we all submit to the new reality.

Since the start of the WHO declared pandemic, Canada has lead the world in government spending, in fact it is spending money so fast that probably very few of the cheques have been cut for the pledges that the government has made.  This excess of spending appears to be strategic, to limit our options for economic recovery.  By limiting options we are squeezed into a forced choice – like it or not. So, how will all of this impact you – if it continues to unfold the way it appears to be?  First, compliance with government dictates, social credits will be used to dictate your freedoms. There is already talk of forced vaccinations and the prospects of microchipping and limiting travel using “vaccination passports“. Social credits in China are used to dictate where or even if your kids will be able to attend to college.  Then the lifestyle that you will have may be impacted based on social inputs, you will receive credits to fund your day to day expenses in accordance with your social contributions.  In return for all your property, which will could be owned by the state, all of your debts will be forgiven. 

If you are a political dissident or agitator, you could be interned in an indoctrination camp and only released after you have been reconditioned to accept the dictates of the government.  At least that is how things work in China’s basic dictatorship.  Perhaps, the UN’s model of global governance and the economic reset envisioned in the UN agenda 21 for 2030 is less draconian than the Chinese model.  The Trudeau government has certainly come out of the closet with its plans to move this agenda forward.  There should, by now, be little doubt that the UN declared pandemic, which is using new definitions of pandemic written in 2008 and 2019 respectively, has be used as a platform to achieve these goals.  Ironically, China dealt with its flu (COVID) season in about one month and had less than half of the reported illnesses and deaths that Canada experienced.

The foregoing is not a conspiracy theory, but it remains entirely speculative based on actual media, political and social media discussions. I hope you find it interesting, thought provoking and informative. We shall of course have to wait and see how this new age evolves. The one thing we can be certain of is that the world has changed in a way that was totally unforseeable, and from which we may find no return to “normal”.