Renegotiate, Reduce, and Renew your Debt

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September 12, 2022

Are you struggling to get from paycheque to paycheque?  We can help, renegotiate, reduce, and renew your debt.  Federal government programmes are designed to allow you to renegotiate and reduce your payments.  We can help lower the amount of your debt to something more manageable.

Most of our clients have found significant savings dropping the face value of debt, in some cases, by more than 85%.  Everyone is different, so we need to hear your story in order to help you.  That’s why we always offer free initial consultations.

Initial consultations let us get to know each other, they allow us to get a better understanding of the pressure points in your financial life and to help you formulate a plan that will not get you out of debt but also allow you to start working on rebuilding your credit.

A Consumer Proposal will protect you from legal actions by your creditors, it can stop garnishees, remove writs of execution, and give you peace of mind.  Stop borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and get your debt under control.

You will be able to keep your house, car, furniture, clothing, pensions, insurance policies and more.  Stay in control of your finances with our easy to use budgeting format that can used on your computer or phone or if you are old fashioned and prefer pen and paper, we can do that too.

What are you waiting for?  Call us today and let’s get started:  519-646-2222