What’s the point in budgeting? 

June 17, 2024

When we ask “what’s the point in budgeting” we should quickly add “you can’t afford to live here anyway”.


  • You are living in a family of four.
  • You and your spouse work, and each earn average incomes.
  • You have an average home.
  • You have one average new(er) car.
  • You are not living extravagantly.

Your Income:

The average (mean) income (according to the CRA) in 2022 was $54,000.  Therefore, two income earners at $54,000 each = $108,000.  After tax you each bring home $3,547 for a monthly total household income of $7,094.

Your average monthly expenses:

Canada has become unaffordable, everything is overpriced, including taxation, income has gone backwards since the 1970s – only debt has increased.  According to the CRA, 29 million (out of 42 + million) people filed tax returns in 2022.

Half of the income earners earned more than $40,000 per year, so 64% of Canadians earned either less than $40,000 or nothing at all in 2022.

Only about 8% of Canadians earned over $100,000 per year, and the government lowered the bar used to measure poverty to 50% of the median income ($20,000 per year).

Looking at the expenses listed above, let me know how “budgeting” could possibly help out!

Yet, the government wants to introduce budgeting initiatives into schools instead of explaining the history of the (political) actions that lead to this economic misadventure. Take a look at the data in the meme above to see how successive politicians from both sides of the aisle have messed up our economy during the past five decades – Canada was once a prosperous country rife with opportunity, it is now one of the poorest industrialized countries in the world with one of the worst economies and little or no hope for future generations. Considering the debt data, coupled with the massive income declines and runaway inflation it will take another fifty years to undo the economic carnage.

“Budgeting” is just another red-herring from the bureaucrats, shifting the blame for the mess away from them to the real victims (you) of their poorly conceived, and enacted, policies.