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DIY Debt Reset

March 8, 2021

If you are going to go it alone with resetting your debt, here are a few important considerations.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

March 1, 2021

Many people think they need a bankruptcy lawyer either to file for bankruptcy or to guide them through the process.  In the USA, the insolvency regime is very similar to Canada’s, but it still has differences, the biggest difference is that in Canada the Insolvency process is administered by Insolvency Trustees who are licensed by […]

Mortgage Penalties

February 12, 2021

There are all sorts of penalties associated with mortgage defaults, most are legal, some are not.

Change Your Bank Accountant

February 11, 2021

There are many good reasons not to bank where you owe money – your banker would not agree, but the issue is one of who controls your money.

Buying a Home

February 1, 2021

Bad credit, no credit roll up, roll up, get your house today… Seems that way until you start getting into the details – and you find that your credit report is holding you back – we can help.