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Saving Money

November 22, 2018

Many books have been written on how to save money and how to get rich quick, yet there are relatively few millionaires running around in attestation to the efficacy of these schemes.   Generally, the notion is always the same, “pay yourself first” they say.  Some authors prescribe a savings value based on percentages of income, […]

Car Loan Mortgage

November 15, 2018

The latest money-making venture for mortgage lenders is car loans, yup, a car loan mortgage.  Here’s how it works.  So, you have a little equity in your house, a heartbeat and a pen, that’s all you need.  Oh, and you really, really want a new car.  You tried the dealership, but your credit rating is […]

Real estate bidding wars

November 6, 2018

Real estate bidding wars have become the new normal, well relatively new.  Realtors’ practices have changed and evolved over the years.  It used to be that a house would be priced close to the expected final sale price and if the Realtor had done his or her homework the deal would usually close within 10% […]

How Much Debt is too Much?

November 2, 2018

Just how much debt is too much?  You’ll surely know when you start to pay it back. Currently, Canadian Chartered Banks have no expectation that you will ever repay your debts, in fact they want you to remain in state of perpetual debt.  We have blogged about the effect of making only minimum monthly payments […]

Easy Money

October 24, 2018

The headline reads “the world of easy money transformed Canada into debt nation”.  But that isn’t exactly true – it is the world of irresponsible banking that made it appear we have easy money.  We’ve said it before, Canadian chartered banks issue credit cards on repayment terms that extend over hundreds of years.  That is […]