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I can’t Afford to go Bankrupt

July 28, 2021

Filing for bankruptcy costs money, Licensed Insolvency Trustees are not paid by the government, and they do incur fees and expenses for administering a bankruptcy. Fees may vary by individual circumstances, but they do not have to be prohibitive – there are work-arounds.

Rebuilding Your Credit

July 22, 2021

If your credit rating took a tumble, either by filing an insolvency prceeding or just getting behind on payments – you can rebuild. 519-646-2222

Budgeting – Tips and Tricks

July 20, 2021

Are you and your family struggling to make it through each month? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you get on the right track and stay there.

Great Reset and Credit Kiting

July 15, 2021

Consumer proposals allow you to get a great reset of your debt. Stop kiting your debt from one credit card to another and get a real solution.

Bankruptcy Filings Are Way Down

July 15, 2021

Last year we predicted less insolvencies in the coming year. We were correct, but this year we have seen unpredictable political and economic changes – we offer some thoughts and discussion points but no real conclusions.