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Credit Cards for Bankrupts

March 28, 2019

Credit is a whole lot easier to get following a bankruptcy or proposal filing than you might expect.

Fake News – Sunshine List

March 28, 2019

The media seems to be getting more and more lax in its reporting as time goes by. If all Sunshine List members earning less than $152,000 per annum are dropped we get a more meaningful picture.

Proposals to Creditors

March 26, 2019

Proposals to creditors are more popular than bankruptcies, in fact more than half of all insolvency filings are proposals.  But why the surge from behind?  Until about five years ago most consumers chose to file bankruptcies over proposals. Several things have happened to bring about the change, recidivism, surplus income, property valuation and trustee fees […]

Buy a house after bankruptcy

February 27, 2019

Sure, you can buy a house after bankruptcy. Of course you must be discharged and some conditions may apply.

Spousal Debts

February 25, 2019

Quite often people become liable for spousal debts, deliberately and ironically at the same time inadvertently.   Sometimes, a spouse may help their partner re-establish credit by co-signing for them on a loan of credit card.  At other times the spouses may feel that they can trust each other and should be able to manage the […]