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Category: Insolvency News

I can’t go bankrupt on only $5,000

March 7, 2018

There is no magic number or threshold that must be reached to be eligible to file a bankruptcy or proposal, some people think “I can’t go bankruptcy ononly $5,000”. The reality is that $5,000 for some people might as well be $5,000,000 based on their means. Although it would not make any sense to file […]

Proposals starting at $40.00 per week

March 6, 2018

Although that may not be the best way or most appropriate way to advertise it is true, consumer proposals starting at $40.00 per week are available to some qualified people. So, what do you need to qualify for such low payments? You need stable income, you generally need to have a lack of means (to […]

Resolving Discharge Issues

March 5, 2018

A surprising number of people file for bankruptcy then do not get discharged, this blog is a guide to resolving discharge issues that should help regardless of who your trustee was. Common problems: Did not pay the trustee fees Missed attending at the two required counselling sessions Did not provide trustee with the information for […]

Joint filing

March 5, 2018

You may be eligible for a joint filing in either bankruptcy or a proposal if you are in some way financially related to the person with who you wish to make a joint filing. The relationship does not need to be a blood relationship since, as previously discussed, a corporation may be considered a person […]

Trusting a trustee

March 1, 2018

Many people have concerns about trusting a trustee and sometimes with very good reason. There are a lot of sharks in the debt pool from cagey bankers to sketchy credit counsellors. Trustees fit into the spectrum in different places depending on many factors. Some trustee firms, such as ours, refuse to work with debt referral […]

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