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Category: Something to Think About

Staying in debt is not a solution

February 6, 2018

Although bankers seem bent on creating perpetual consumer debt, staying in debt is not a solution that works for consumers. Have you ever looked a credit card statement with a balance of $5,600 and an interest rate of 17% and wondered why your minimum required monthly payment is only $10? I shake my head every […]

Get out of debt free card

February 5, 2018

Sadly, perhaps, there is no get out of debt free card. Getting out of debt can be relatively cheap with a bankruptcy costing little more than a thousand dollars but allowing a debtor to divest him/herself of potentially millions of dollars of debts. But there is always a monitoring throughout the process and certain duties […]

Debt Solution – Your Resolution

January 2, 2018

Make your resolution a debt solution for 2018. This is the season we all make new year’s resolutions, usually for health and fitness. Gym memberships are up and everyone starts out with the very best of intentions. By summertime, that new trim bikini-bod will shaping up nicely – or so we hope. Sadly, for most […]

Money ran out a long time ago

December 21, 2017

Yes, that is true, there is no longer enough money in circulation, in the entire world, to account for the money that banks have loaned. If you added up the value of the actual currency in every single country in the world it would come up thousands of trillions of dollars short of the money […]

Bankruptcy trumps proposals

December 18, 2017

There are many situations where a bankruptcy can trump a proposal as an option for solving debt problems. This is especially true for first time bankruptcy filers. Rebuilding credit following a bankruptcy used to be challenging, in some cases taking several years, but that is no longer the case. Banks, notably TD and Scotia have […]

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