Debt Solution – Your Resolution

January 2, 2018

Make your resolution a debt solution for 2018. This is the season we all make new year’s resolutions, usually for health and fitness. Gym memberships are up and everyone starts out with the very best of intentions. By summertime, that new trim bikini-bod will shaping up nicely – or so we hope. Sadly, for most of us, the impetus only lasts for a few weeks.

That is often how it goes with debt solutions – we start out with the best of intentions but procrastinate our way through the year to the next resolution. The problem is that we simply prolong the inevitable, collection calls continue and we tend to bumble along until legal action forces us to act to solve the problem.

Most consumers overspend at Christmas time – credit cards are a very convenient and easy way of making purchases and of getting into debt. The excitement of the season distracts us from the realization that we are simply getting deeper into debt. The reality of our debt problem hits home by the end of January when the bills start to come in and we suddenly realize that we can no longer manage the payments.

Most Licensed Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Trustees see an uptick in business during February as those resolutions come to fruition. There is no good reason to wait and defer filing a proposal or bankruptcy, if you can no longer manage to pay your bills as they become due call our office to arrange a confidential appointment at your convenience.