Joint filing

March 5, 2018

You may be eligible for a joint filing in either bankruptcy or a proposal if you are in some way financially related to the person with who you wish to make a joint filing. The relationship does not need to be a blood relationship since, as previously discussed, a corporation may be considered a person for the purposes of the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act.

There are many reasons it would not be practical to do a joint filing involving large numbers of individuals but theoretically a joint filing does not need to be limited to two individuals. For example, if you and your spouse lived with your mother and father in a situation where you all shared the household expenses. And, if you had all co-signed for each other’s debts and had few debts of your own, that were not shared, it might make sense to put all of you together into a proposal.

But if everyone lived in separate households, had significantly different income streams and a variety of debts that were not shared it would not make sense to set up a joint filing. For more information contact the office at 519-646-2222