Did you know

August 12, 2019

Did you know that Canadian consumers owe almost twice as much debt as our counterparts south of the border?  In true Canadian fashion we might sugar coat that and say, “American’s owe $13.6 trillion we only owe $2.4 trillion”. 

The same argument is used for Green House Gas emissions, “China produces far more than Canada” – while that is true the other side of both arguments is that the USA has a population ten times larger than Canada’s and China is thirty-eight times more populace.

When we adjust to a per-capita purview we find that Canadians are far more in debt and that we pollute ten times more than the Chinese.  Ironically most of the folks I have spoken to are willing to accept that we owe twice as much as Americans but not that (using the same math and logic) we pollute ten time more than the Chinese. 

Both problems are equally complex to solve, each requiring a political will and determined effort to change the ways we do many things in our lives.  Did you know that getting out of debt is easier than staying out of debt?

Did you know that increasing numbers of bankrupts and proponents are able to obtain debt, and start rebuilding their credit ratings, even before they have been discharged from their bankruptcies or completed their proposals?

Did you know that we have offices across South Western Ontario, all initial consultations are free, and we can help you find a solution to your debt problems that works for your family?

Interestingly, did you know that Canadians are the world’s leading consumers of macaroni and cheese (KD)? Wonder if that’s related to incomes and cost of living?