Fix My Debt

Jars with credit cards
August 15, 2022 is the address this web page, but how did the name come to used as our url? I have mentioned before, I started my insolvency career as a credit counsellor, at Credit Counselling London back in 1995, then as now I was keenly interested in helping people get out of debt. In a one way or another I have been helping people fix their debt problems ever since.

When I decided to open my own practice I had not given much thought to creating a unique url for advertising the firm, Locke Consulting Inc., on the internet. I was in the process of getting incorporated and putting advertising together when a chap I knew from a networking group said “have I got a url for you” – seems he had gone ahead and registered a bunch of urls on spec, hoping to be able to sell them for a profit.

I felt that “fixmydebt” perfectly described what most consumers were looking to do and jumped on the opportunity to take on the url. Locke Consulting Inc. is a small local insolvency firm servicing Southwestern Ontario and beyond. Because we don’t have a separate advertising department we have to have a hands on approach to advertising and promoting our services – and, of course, we don’t always get it right.

One of the things I had learned about promoting a website was the need to have “content” – content must be current, it must be relevant, it is best if it is linked to, and it must have substance. Blogging is a great way to stimulate thought, discussion and interest in some of the things that we do to help people out.

Over the past decade, since the firm started in August 2012, the amount of blogs has grown termendously. Some of them are now dated as Case Law, Directives, Rules and Legislation have changed. Trying to think up something new and interesting to blog about has always been challenging – after all how many ways can one blog about credit card debt (for instance). Some of our topics have been hot-button news topics related to the economy, the housing market and other stories such as inflation.

Most blogs have low levels of sharing but some have gained traction and been widely viewed, read, and shared. Some blogs have encouraged people across the country, way outside of our service area, to call, and when they have we refer them to a local LIT.

Whereevr you are from, we are happy to provide information and connections that will help you to “fixmydebt“. We are always open to suggestion for blog articles/discussions and welcome your ideas – if there is an insolvency topic you feel is important and you would like more information on, don’t hesitate to email us at: