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What are my options?

February 8, 2018

If you are in debt over your head, you may very well be asking “what are my options?”. There are four possibilities that we will consider in this article. 1. Pay my creditors as they become due; 2. Consolidate into a mortgage; 3. File a proposal; and 4. File a bankruptcy For each scenario we […]

The Stock Market is up and down

February 7, 2018

Sure, the stock market does that, sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down, that’s called fluctuation. The market is always fluctuating, but consumer debts don’t tend to do that. Consumer debt loads have been increasing year over year for decades with no sign of abatement. In fact, the average Canadian consumer is paying about $900.00 […]

Staying in debt is not a solution

February 6, 2018

Although bankers seem bent on creating perpetual consumer debt, staying in debt is not a solution that works for consumers. Have you ever looked a credit card statement with a balance of $5,600 and an interest rate of 17% and wondered why your minimum required monthly payment is only $10? I shake my head every […]

Mortgages in arrears

February 5, 2018

Across Canada there are 11,249 Bank issued mortgages in arrears. Saskatchewan leads the pack with a .75% delinquency rate, while Ontarians are most up to date on their payments with a .09% delinquency rate. Many more Canadians have private mortgages than in the past, and those mortgages do not appear in these statistics. Nonetheless, it remains […]

Get out of debt free card

February 5, 2018

Sadly, perhaps, there is no get out of debt free card. Getting out of debt can be relatively cheap with a bankruptcy costing little more than a thousand dollars but allowing a debtor to divest him/herself of potentially millions of dollars of debts. But there is always a monitoring throughout the process and certain duties […]