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Another CRA Hoax

April 13, 2018

Sadly, there is another CRA hoax going around – please read below – if this message shows up in your email delete it, do not respond to it and do not follow any links. It is NOT from the CRA. “Canada Revenue Agency After the final 2017 annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have […]

Improve my credit rating

April 10, 2018

How can I improve my credit rating? That is a question we are often asked by people who recently dealt with their debts through a proposal or bankruptcy filing. Credit ratings are generated based on a variety of information reported by members of the credit reporting agencies. If I want to improve my credit rating […]

Co-Signing debts

April 5, 2018

Co-signing debts can be very problematic for the co-signer. Usually a debt is co-signed with the best of intentions most often for a family member. It is common to co-sign for a spouse or a child and sometimes people will also co-sign for friends. Everything is good if the borrower is living up to his/her […]

Support Payments

March 28, 2018

Filing a bankruptcy or consumer proposal will not help solve support payment arrears. The debt will survive the proceeding and you will need to keep paying that bill. Similarly, if you are receiving support payments they will be considered as a part of your family‚Äôs income throughout the proceeding. Support payments can affect the amount […]

Problems with the CRA

March 16, 2018

Most Canadians can lay claims to having had some problems with the CRA. Some problems are way worse than others, as evidenced by recent media stories. The issue appears to be systemic rather than related to any individuals within the organization, although like any other workplace there are good and bad employees. Some of the […]