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How to reduce your debts

January 16, 2018

CBC News is reporting that more Canadians than ever are worrying about their debts. The best way to reduce your debts is always to simply pay them off, but that is not easy for most people. Take a strategic approach to debt reduction by starting with a self analysis of budgetary wants and needs. Determine […]

Family support arrears

January 15, 2018

You cannot go bankrupt on family support payments – but if you do owe support arrears for either alimony or child support the claimant (spouse or child) may claim the arrears for the year before the date of bankruptcy, plus any lump sum amount payable, as a priority over most other creditors. Confused? Section 136 […]

Debt Management Program or Proposal

January 11, 2018

Debt Management Programs are offered by non-profit Credit Counsellors while only Licensed Insolvency Trustees can file Consumer Proposals. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. In this blog we will discuss the differences and how each works. The parties: A Debt Management Program (“DMP”) is a voluntary arrangement between you and some of your […]

Joint Bankruptcies and Proposals

January 9, 2018

The Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act has provisions that allow for both joint bankruptcy and joint proposal filings. The filings can be between individuals who are related and financially codependent or individuals who are conjoined only by the debts they owe. Interestingly the Act does not prescribe a limit to how many people can be considered […]

Credit Re-Builder Programme

January 8, 2018

Call to learn more about our new credit re-builder programme and get your new year off to a good start. We will help you through all the steps necessary to re-establish credit and get yourself back on target for living within your means. Whether you have filed a bankruptcy or a proposal or simply need […]