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Repay less than 2% of your debts

November 6, 2017

Yes, that is possible for some people, everyone’s situation is different. The lowest payment on a proposal we have ever seen was for less than one penny on the dollar – more than a 99% saving. Some of our competitors advertise that they will save you 70% or even 80% of your debts. But they […]

New Mortgage Rules

October 31, 2017

New mortgage qualifying rules will come into effect in January 2018. Many consumers are in a rush to obtain mortgages before the changes, but is that a good idea? Let’s think about changes in mortgages during the last fifty years. Fifty years ago, about half as many Canadians had their name on title as property […]

Bankruptcy Counselling Changes

October 30, 2017

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy is contemplating sweeping changes to the Counselling Directive, which if implemented will dramatically affect the spin off industry. The mandatory counselling protocol has been in place since about 1997. It required that counsellors be certified after completing a brief training component. Not profit agencies had their staff certified […]


September 5, 2017

In fact bankruptcy is a great solution for difficult to solve debt problems. Start rebuilding your credit in one year. We service London, Woodstock, Sarnia, Chatham and Windsor. People filing for bankruptcy for the first time are entitled to be automatically discharged from their debts in nine months.  Court attendances are not normally required. After […]


September 5, 2017

What it means for a debt to be statute barred and how that affects you. Under Section 4 of the Limitations Act RSO a debt becomes statute barred two years after it was discovered. “Basic limitation period 4. Unless this Act provides otherwise, a proceeding shall not be commenced in respect of a claim after […]

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